Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Companion

The Companion takes place in New Hampshire in 1855 where Lucy Blunt revits the events that landed her on death row. Lucy is a young woman who has been thrown out of her home by her alcoholic father after the death of her mother and the death of her baby son. Her downfall began when she entered into service with the wealthy Burton family where she advanced from being a cook's assistant to being the mistress's maid. The balance of power in the home began to shift which set in motion Lucy's downfall.

I enjoyed this novel and could not stop reading it until I finished it.  The story alternates between Lucy's time working in the Burton home and being in prison waiting to hang. There was a Downton Abbey feel to the Burton home, especially with Cook's character. Known only as Cook, the home's cook yelled at Lucy often as Lucy learned how to be her assistant. Over time they became friends and worked well together. There is some nastiness between Lucy and Mrs. Burton's first maid Rebecca, just as you would see among the Downton Abbey characters.  While this is a historical fiction novel, it reads more like a psychological thriller, which is probably my favorite mystery sub-genre.

5 out of 5 stars. 

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