Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen

Sam Zabel is a comic writer who has suffered from writer's block for six years. After giving a speech at a local university he meets Alice Brown who tells him about an old comic book called The King of Mars by Evan Rice. Sam gets a copy of the book and begins to read it. He suddenly sneezes and finds himself in the comic's world on Mars. Sam begins a fantasy journey that takes him through the history of comic books and a discussion on how women have been treated in comics over the years. He discovers that Evan Rice used a magic pen that helped him write the King of Mars.

The book involved time travel which I am not fond of. I cannot fault the author for writing a book in a genre that I do not like. The reason that I selected this book to read is because I knew it was considered to be comic book classic.

Time traveling fans, this one is for you.

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