Saturday, March 13, 2021

Stacking the Shelves #3


I am anxiously awaiting the publication of books from 2 of my favorite authors: Cleo Coyle and S. D. Sykes. Coyle's next book, Honey Roasted, won't be published until December so I have a long wait. Sykes, who writes historical mysteries, will publish in August The Good Death.

Honey Roasted
 is the 19th coffeehouse mystery by husband and wife team Alice Alfonsi and Marc Cerasini.
They write under the pen name Cleo Coyle. The series takes place around a fictional coffeehouse in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City. The couple also co-author the Haunted Bookshop series, which was originally published under the pen name Alice Kimberly.  I haven't read the Haunted Bookshop series yet but have read every book in the coffeehouse series. This series is probably my favorite series of all time.  Pre-orders for Honey Roasted will begin in a month.  This story opens with Clare Cosi trying to find a romantic, and affordable, destination for her honeymoon. While she searches for a destination, Clare creates a new coffee that will be unveiled at her wedding:  Honey Cinnamon Latte.  An amazing honey was sourced for the drink by her mother-in-law's friend Bea Hastings.  One night, Bea is found dead at the coffeehouse, and this is the mystery to be solved in the novel.  

The Good Death 
is the 5th Somershill Manor mystery.  These mysteries take place in England in the 1300s, featuring Oswald de Lacy, Lord of Somershill Manor, as the sleuth.  In this installment of the series, Oswald will make a devastating confession to his dying mother concerning the death of a novice monk at Kintham Abbey.  Vowing to find the killer, Oswald's beloved tutor insists that they stay inside due to the approaching plague.  However, Oswald leaves the manor to investigate and finds that there were several women who disappeared.  They were from impoverished families who had no political influence and nobody seemed to care that they were missing. As Oswald closes in on the killer he finds himself in a situation where he either has to kill or be killed. 

So, there are many books to look forward to this year.  These two are just a highlight of things to come.

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